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Cupcake Wars Birthday Party for Ages 10-15

As Fun as it is Tasty!

What is a Cupcake Wars Party? It is all about teamwork and decorating cupcakes with a little bit of competition added in just for fun!

Each team will mix and create a winning flavor combination. Lots of decorating options. Teams will present their creations to the judges. Winners for best taste, presentation, and originality.

Party Details
Menu: 2 Recipes:
French Bread Pizza or Quesadillas
+ Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing + Lemonade
Cupcakes Add-ins:
Chocolate Chips, White Chocolate Chips, Oreos, Cherries, Extracts & Flavorings, and more…
Icing Add-ins:
Extracts, Flavorings, and more…
Sprinkles, candy, and more…
Cost: $275 for up to 9 kids
$25 for each additional child

Maximum: 12 kids + 2 adult chaperones (welcome but not required)
Time: 2 1/2 Hour Party: Includes cooking, eating & opening gifts
Weekend Lunch Party: 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Weekend Dinner Party: 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Weekday (After-School) Dinner Party: As early as possible
  • Recipes and ingredients for Main Dish, Cupcakes and Frosting
  • Lemonade
  • Use of kitchen equipment & aprons
  • Plates, napkins, candles, etc., as needed
  • Recipe packet for each participant

Stir It Up Cooking Apron

Stir It Up Aprons

Party Favor Aprons of 6 or more:
Small /Medium $10 each
Large $12 each

Party Favor Bags

Party Favor Bags

Party Favor Bags
Only $7 each
Kitchen tools & recipes included!

Party Invitations

Don't forget to print
Your Party Invitations
with directions to our school.

Allergies & Special Requirements
IMPORTANT: Please let us know in advance if any child has food allergies or other special requirements and note that we cannot always accommodate. If a child’s allergies are severe, please have the parent call us directly. We are happy to provide options for vegetarians in all of our parties.
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates are perfect gifts that may be purchased for any class or amount.
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